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About Orion Valley

OrionValley is a technology company that is participate in making life much easier, through the power of artificial intelligence.
Many of the world’s leading companies and organizations are expected to manage these three critical elements of modern living. To do so, they are tapping into the power of data, which has become ubiquitous in both business and life.

Our Story

OrionValley was born out of research that co-founders Moe Mousa, John Bell and Mike Benson sponsored at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). FlowMate software could learn to identify high-quality work and manage the people who perform it? The solution to this challenging computer science problem turns into Orion Valley ’s first product, which uses Deep Learning, machine learning (ML) and advanced statistical quality control to orchestrate work.


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With ORION VALLEY, you come first

We believe that leadership is a result of putting customers first. In fact, our values are grounded in cherishing our customers, and our employees firmly believe that our success is a reflection of our customer’s success.
This means providing our customers with innovative, revolutionary and scalable technology that can make a real difference– and, in turn, to their customers. In fact, Fast Company recently listed us for the second consecutive year as one of the most innovative companies in the world.